LYF supports our clients looking for top-tier health care professionals to fill their most challenging positions. We find candidates with the transferable skills from the health care sector and bridge the gap between those skills and the needs of the role. This results in candidates who routinely exceed the expectations of our clients.

We conduct the following on all of our candidates:

  • Background Checks & Reference Verifications
  • Drug Screens & Proficiency Tests
  • Safety Orientation & Training License Verification

LYF thoroughly screens our candidates to ensure our placements are only the highest caliber talent. Once candidates are selected we leverage the experience of our account managers to bridge the gap for hospitals, clinics, and health care facilities. Our candidates are taken through in depth:

  • Career counseling
  • Resume preparation
  • Skills identification
  • Quantifiable accomplishments
  • Completeness
  • Interview preparation

We find that taking time to go through these steps prior to placement results in significantly higher job satisfaction for our placements and higher satisfaction of our clients.