What are your rates?

LYF’s rates are very competitive within the industry and depend on what type of individual you are seeking for placement.

Is there a guarantee on placements?

For temporary employees LYF will replace the candidate if he/she cannot continue employment as soon as LYF is informed of the situation. For direct hires LYF provides the option of a replacement or a full refund if the invoice is paid in full within the first 7 days.

What is your policy for hiring Temporary to Permanent?

After an employee completes 520 hours worked he/she will transition over without a fee. LYF also provides an option to buy a placement out before 520 hours worked. In this case there will be a discounted rate on the hours already worked. For direct hires our rate is 20% of the annual income of the pay rate for the role in which the candidate is placed.

What is included in your hiring process?

Background Checks, References, Drug Screens, Proficiency Tests, Safety Orientation & Training, License Verification, Specialized Recruiting, Workers Compensation

How long have you been in business?

The LYF team has been servicing clients with qualified personnel since 1997. This includes placing highly qualified candidates with renowned hospitals, private practices, large and small clinics, insurance companies, and clerical companies.

What type of insurance policies does LYF carry?

  • 1 million per occurrence/ 2 million aggregate for Workers Compensation
  • 1 million per occurrence/ 5 million aggregate for General Liability
  • 1 million per occurrence/ 2 million aggregate for Errors and Omissions
  • 500 thousand per occurrence/ 1 million aggregate for Internet Liability

What locations do you service?

We primarily focus on the Greater Houston, TX area.