LYF Difference

LYF is different from other medical staffing firms for several reasons. First and foremost, LYF only places candidates in their primary choice of geographic location and in a hospital or clinic that the candidate desires. This also benefits employers as all LYF placements arrive in an environment where they are genuinely satisfied and motivated.

Because of LYF’s policy of meeting a candidate’s desire for location and role our firm doesn’t require any type of exclusivity agreement, which again differs from many other firms in the industry. We encourage candidates to look at any and all options to find the employment situation that is best for them. LYF is confident that it offers candidates only the best opportunities available in the healthcare industry and believes strongly that requiring candidates to sign exclusivity agreements is neither in the best interest of the candidate or our firm.

All LYF account managers and recruiters are experienced professionals in the healthcare staffing industry with decades of proven performance in the local areas where LYF places candidates. We believe this gives us a distinct advantage and unique perspective when looking for the perfect match between candidate and employer as our representatives can directly relate to both candidates and hospitals in specific locations.

LYF recruiters have a proven track record of placing the full spectrum of healthcare professionals both in the private and public sector. The experience of our team gives LYF the unparalleled ability to find the right type candidates for particular employers quickly. This allows our clients to seamlessly provide top quality healthcare while efficiently managing staffing requirements.